Improved Parental Self-Care During the NICU And Beyond

46th World Congress onNursing Care & Evidence Based Practice (4)

Track Name : Maternal and Neonatal Nursing

Speaker : Jennifer Miller, Mednax, USA

Title : Improved Parental Self-Care During the NICU And Beyond 

Background: When babies are born and admitted in the NICU for a prolonged period of time, evidence-based research has revealed increased level of anxiety, stress, and post-partum depression affecting NICU parents. These psychological conditions interfere with their ability to bond, breastfeed and care for their child while in the NICU and upon transitioning to home. As they go through their NICU journey, the uncertainty of not knowing whether their baby will live or die can cause their inability to do self-care to meet their own basic needs. They also have high tendencies to feel isolated and alone that can cause major psychological issues common to NICU parents.

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